Snowy Owl
Canada Goose
Bald Eagle
Arctic Fox Pair (older pic as these cuties were hiding on recent visit)
Red Fox (hiding and not seen on recent visit)
Horned Owl
Moose (no longer at the park)
#SalmonierNaturePark#Newfoundland, provides a safe, natural, environment for rescued, injured animals that would not otherwise survive in the wild. The aim of the park staff is to help these animals recover and to release them back to their homes. A beautiful boardwalk trail encircles this natural habitat in which the animals are detained and is a popular attraction for visitors seeking the ultimate nature path. Informational displays along the trail highlight the animals in each of their respective enclosures. Salmonier Nature Park is a delightful experience for families and people of all ages. As these animals are in their natural habitat, they have large enclosures with thick woods and dens, making it challenging, or impossible, at times, to see the animals
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