Bird's eye view of Murray House (ocean not visible from this angle)
Our patio extension has a fantastic ocean, horizon, and coastal view
Patio has a variety of flowers in planters for added color and beauty
We are a Licenced Property With High Standards
Northern flicker woodpecker @ Murray House
Back Patio is Well Furnished in Summer Season
American Goldfinch in a tree at Murray House
Amazing Sunrise as Seen at Murray House
Front Porch at Murray House
Murray House has amazing coastal, mountain, and ocean views
Fog on the ocean and shoreline as seen from Murray House yard
Front porch opens into the kitchen
Baby and parent starlings enjoying a meal at Murray House
The side patio has amazing coastal views and is a popular spot for wild birds to visit
Kitchen is Fully Equipped with all Usual Appliances
Kitchen and Living Room are Open Concept Design
Kitchen french door opens to the front porch
Kitchen / living room are open concept design
Starling and woodpecker feed at a feeder @ Murray House
Pine siskin perched in a tree at Murray House
Murray House, Rural Duplex Design (We Live Next Door)
Back patio, side yard, & side patio extension
Red crossbill on a tree trunk @ Murray House
Living room has 2 full sized reclining couches
Living room has electric fireplace 48" TV, cable services
Iceberg surrounded by thick fog as seen from Murray House, Pouch Cove
Living room has high speed wi-fi internet
Crow enjoying his bounty of nuts, leaving @ Murray House
Master Bedroom has a Pillow Top Queen Sleigh Bed
Master Bedroom has 48 in TV on Electric Fireplace Stand
Master Bedroom has Computer Desk, 2 Chairs, & a Full Dresser
Master has Wash Sink / Vanity Outside the Closet Area
Purple finch in a tree @ Murray House
Coastline of Shoe Cove Island as seen from Murray House
Bookshelf at Base of Stairs has Brochures, Binoculars
Second Bedroom has a Firm Double Bed
Second bedroom has electric fireplace
Second bedroom has 48 in TV with cable TV services
Second bedroom window view
Blue jay on a patio railing at Murray House
Sun breaking through the fog on a summer morning at Murray House
Dark eyed junco sitting on tree stump @ Murray House
Bathroom at Murray House
Bathroom cabinet is stocked with basic first aid items
Shelf Well Stocked With Children's Toys / Books
Grackle at one of the feeders @ Murray House
Full size laundry pair in closet of front porch
Porch cupboard has laundry supplies and games
Coastguard in Pouch Cove as seen from Murray House
Flowering Shrubs Line the Patio and Property Borders
Black capped chickadee on the patio ledge
Beautiful Roses Grow Well in our Garden
The back patio is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy nature
Dickcissel on a tree branch @ Murray House
Spacious, furnished, back patio
Mourning dove in a tree @ Murray House
Front Entrance. Extensive Patio with Ocean View
Front entrance of Murray House

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