Coastal view as seen from the Flatrock hiking trail
War Memorial, Flatrock, NL
"Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto", Flatrock
Flatrock's Coastline
Nature is alive and well in Flatrock
Cliff Meets The Mighty Atlantic, Flatrock, NL
Flatrock Fishermen's Center, Flatrock
Children's Playground, Flatrock, NL
Bunker found long the hiking trail in Flatrock
Bird's Eye View of Flatrock
Private Speedboats Moored on the Wharf, Flatrock
The Oceanfront Community of Flatrock
Harbour Authority, Flatrock, NL
Bird's eye view of the community of Flatrock
Boats Anchored Close to Shore, Flatrock
East Coast Hiking Trail in Flatrock
Christ on the cross statue at Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto
Private Boats Dry Docked Next to Flatrock Wharf
Waves Crashing the Shores of Flatrock
"Blessing of the Fleet" Memorial Plaque, Flatrock
Intense Wave Action Slams the Oceanfront Community of Flatrock
Fresh Water River in Flatrock, NL
Turkey in a private yard in Torbay, NL
Bird''s eye view of the coastline of Torbay, NL
Private boat dry docked on Torbay wharf
Tree growing on an odd angle on Torbay cliff
Livestock in a fenced field in Torbay, NL
Waterfalls on Church Cove Loop, Torbay hiking trail
Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto
Massive cliff on Torbay hiking trail, NL
Coastline view on the hiking trail in Torbay, NL
Torbay Beach with small bergs in the harbour
Cliffs of Torbay Beach
Seafood truck sells fish and vegetables road-side in Torbay
Bird's eye view of Father Troy's Hiking Trail, Torbay
Wharf in Torbay
Fresh water river "Garden on the Rock", Torbay
Bauline coastline. Crab pots and anchors on shore
Boats moored along the wharf in Bauline
Boats anchored along the wharf & fog in the hills of Bauline
Crab pots on he shores of Bauline
Solar powered guiding light on Bauline shores
Private fishing boat dry docked on the hills of Bauline
Fresh water river in Bauline
Winch at port in Bauline
Wharf in Bauline
Lobster pots on the shoreline in Bauline
Green space, Bauline
Bonfire-ready on a green space in Bauline
Private boat with Bauline & its mountains in background
Slipway and oceanfront of Bauline
Flatrock at dusk

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