Waterfall at Bowring Park, St John's
Caribou Monument
Swan at a Duck Pond, Bowring Park
Caribou Monument sanctuary
Mallard duck preparing to swim, duck pond, Bowring Park
Peter Pan Statue
Caribou Monument
Trees With Autumn Foliage Adjacent to a Bridge at Bowring Park
The Caribou Monument, Bowring Park
Cormorant at the duck pond
Horse Trough, Bowring Park
Northern Pintail at the duck pond
Bridge Across from the Duck Pond's Park Entrance
The Connaught Stone, Bowring Park
Entrance to The Caribou Monument
American Black Duck swimming at the duck pond
The Bowring Park Bell Display
Northern Pintail duck at the duck pond
Beaumont Hamel Plaque, Bowring Park, Adjacent to Caribou Monument
Plaque at the Caribou Monument site
Pigeon enjoying its place on the rocks of the duck pond
Bowring Park Conservatory / Greenhouse
Thank You for Visiting Bowring Park
Waterfalls adjacent to the Caribou Monument
Caribou Monument
Duck pond
Swan sunning on the banks at Bowring Park
Christmas at Bowring Park
Bridge overlooking waterfalls
Dark eyed junco on the shore near the duck pond
Soldier memorial at the entrance to Beaumont Hamel plaques
River at Bowring Park
Swan on the walking trail at Bowring Park at Christmas
Male mallards

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