Blue Jay perched in our Chestnut Tree
Male Evening Grosbeak on a branch in one of our trees
European Starling in our Chestnut Tree
Female Evening Grosbeak with the wind displacing her crown
Female Purple Finch Sitting in a Tree
Male indigo bunting, rare to our area, feeding at a feeder at Murray House vacation home
Starling Seems to be Telling a Tale to Woodpecker
Sharp Shinned Hawk in our Chestnut Tree
Northern Flicker with Wings and Tail Spread
Male Dickcissel, Rare to our Area, Visited in Apr '19
Male and Female Evening Grosbeak dining in style at Murray House
Two pine siskins feeding at a feeder at Murray House Vacation Home
Common Grackle Feeding on our patio landing
Mourning Dove in our Maple Tree
Blue Jay on our back patio railing
Northern Flicker Woodpecker Warning off Other Birds
Baltimore Oriole in the chestnut tree
Dark Eyed Junco on the Chestnut Tree Stump
Black Capped Chickadee on the patio railing
Song Sparrow at the feeder
Crow in Flight
American Goldfinch on the Chestnut Tree Branch
Red Crossbill Warning off Other Birds on our patio railing
Common Grackle perched in our Chestnut tree
House Sparrow perched on a stump of the Chestnut Tree
American Robin in our Chestnut Tree
Crow taking flight with his treats
Bluebird showing off his lovely "headband"
Male Evening Grosbeak on the patio ledge
Sharp shinned hawk
Purple finch perched in a tree
Black Capped Chickadee approaching the feeder at Murray House on a rainy, overcast, day
Male Northern Flicker Woodpecker perched on a tree trunk at Murray House

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